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The Trading Company fzc, United Arab Emirates
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Company Profile


We are pleased introducing you our products and services. We are a company operating on civilian and military markets. Our team has extensive international experiences, gained through years of operations in various sectors, markets and managerial positions. 

We define ourselves as REMOTE AREAS SOLUTIONS EXPERT!  

Our activities can be unified in following groups:

Modular Units (prefabs, containers, flat packs, temporary accommodations, site offices, military camps, labor camps)

Prefabricated buildings (affordable modular houses, prefabricated buildings, steel structures, facade panels, roof panels, Prefabricated Warehouses, Chiller & Freezer Storage buildings?)

Shelters, Tents & Air Domes (Pneumatic tents, Self-Inflating tents, First-aid tents, Multipurpose Halls, Air Domes)

Sewage systems (Sewage systems for remote areas, modular concept)

Water purification (Reverse osmosis plants, Plug&Play concept, Modular concept)

Scaffolding & Mastclimber Solutions & Steel fabrication

General trading (Minerals, Ores, Derivatives, Wood, Exclusive Alimentary products)

Installation/Assembly Services (Turn-Key solutions, Camps? assembly & installation worldwide including ?war zones? and ?remote areas?)

In case you need any additional detail please do not hesitate contacting us.

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